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Sector Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.80 Million / 18 Lakh
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 41338475
Closing Date 21 - Nov - 2020  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of one dual frequency echo sounder for hsw for survey purpose
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 41147901
Closing Date 11 - Nov - 2020  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of 132 items of k o group - oks240-copaslip-250 gm-upto 110, oks 200 molykote-250 gm upto 450, deg c, o ring-exh.valve guide-60 c7,id, 18x2.5, exhaust valve, copper washer (12x16), copper washer(12x18), copper joint, washer copper, schnor washer, inlet valve, ring ms 29513/126,60c7,nse 6.531, gasket for glacier filter gf600-, 11, locking plate, piston ring, locking disc, gasket ring, gasket ring, cover with gasket ring, gasket ring, o, ring, hex headed screw, hex headed screw, gasket, oil seal (190x160x15), spring location pin, screw m6x16, dowel, release spring, backlit plate, gt2 coalescer filter panel, seal tape roll, serrated bush, spares kit contg bearing,mech, seal,gas/o-ring and rv spr, joint, o-ring, o ring ms 295 13/245,60c7 viton, o ring viton(an 75,60c7), joint 65x65x2mm, thermostatic valve element (57-, 66), o ring for inspection door -, l=1300 mm long, neele valve, set of gasket -for moatti filter, gasket, gasket, o-ring, glanding, o-ring, o,ring, o,ring, o' ring d=8,21a7,l 12cm, set of gasket-moatti fuel filter, hyd. motor, injector nozzle assemly, gasket, gasket, o ring, o ring, o ring, o ring, gasket pn16,dn100 type 01a, o ring, o ring, packing, gasket, guide bushing, actuator diaphram, sealing ring, cyclam seal assy, bush, o ring, bush, loctite 242, loctite nut and loctite 549, gasket, loctite 641, chrome plated piston ring, inlet valve seat, cylinder head gasket, exhaust valve seat, spring, outside spring, half clamping collar, copper washer 8x22x1.5, piston ring, spring, ring d164 3.5d nse 6.531 60c7, bs ring, injector gasket, bush viton, o-ring d135 3d nse6.531 60c7, o ring, ring (oil seal), gasket, gasket for exh, clamping collar, gasket, o ring, sheathed injection pipe, o ring,an21,60c7,nse 6.5, flame arrestor, o ring, viton oil seal(15x30x10), o ring, o ring an21 nse 6.5 60c7, indicator cock assembly, o ring 162x8, o ring for glacier filter gf600-, 11, scraper ring, distributor disc tufftriding, comp, regulator for fw, temp.,24vdc,i/p-rtd,o/p-4-20 ma, locking plate, compression ring, screw with pad, connection, filter ring, tt-314 sensor for main engine, fresh water temperature, starting air valve, cock, fuel return connection, fuel rackindicator 0-100% level, 72x72mm,4-20ma, 90 deg, mounting base with 1 input & 1, out put, pressure transmitter 40 bar 24v, dc, pressure switch danfoss mbs, 5100 p>2.5 bar, engine speed indicator 0-1250, rpm, 240 deg. ae make, analog indicator, 0-100deg, i/p4-, 20ma,72, inst.relay 4 c/o contacts +, socket 24 vdc coil with ba, puse button telegraph for rcr, console, fuel rack indicator, indication lamp (yellow), pressure transmitter danfoss, mbs 5100 0-10 bar, smf vrla, battery, 2volt,100ah,make-hbl nife.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 41399587
Closing Date 10 - Nov - 2020  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supplying of n95 mask, sanitizers, handgloves, pluse oxymeter, thermal gun, 3 ply disposable/washable mask at administrative bldg mapmc sec-19 vashi navi
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 41271928
Closing Date 05 - Nov - 2020  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 32 items of rz group-c002 casingea, cable 6m (p/s), encoderea, gyrosphereea, bearing repeater compassea, distilled waterea, bearing repeater compass with protecting covere, switche, repeater compasse, bearing sight, type , connection unite, gyrosphere (new), shock absorer, cable 6me, distilled watere, supporting liquide, fuse 10a 250ve, power convertere, shock absorere, control unite, interface electronicse, sensor pcb std 20 pme, dc/dc module gyro(control unit), set of gaskete, power supply unit, geared belte, transfer module std, slipring pcb comple, indication lamp, toothed wheel, transfer module , serial transfer modulee
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