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Product Detail : Design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of plant & machinery - milk chilling, processing and packing centre, motorized can conveyor system, weigh scale with all accessories, ss weigh bowl, anti-splash unit, dump tank with covers, duplex type inline filter, milk pump (milk reception pump), milk chiller, can drip saver, can lid opening device, automatic sample conveying system and bowl emptying system, ss remote control panel with accessories, raw milk storage silo, straight through can washer with lid washer, can scrubber, electronical weigh bridge, flow plate, tanker unloading hose, duplex bucket type filter, deaeration vessel, tanker unloading pump with stainer, raw milk chiller, tanker despatch pump, tanker flushing system, milk transfer pump, milk pasteurisation unit - plc based with hmi, hydro cyclone, cream separator, electric hoist with monorail, homogeniser, steam water mixing battery (wash pts), head cooling system for homogensiser, to generate 18-20deg.c temp water, balance tank-with float, water circulation -pump, water chiller, interconnecting ss piping fitting, pasteurized milk storage silo(pmst), milk transfer pump with vfd, inline filter, deep milk chiller, temp. 8-2 deg.c, flow plate -for milk, flow plate for cip -, cip return pump, raw cream storage tank, cream balance tank, plain un-insulated tank, cream pasteurisation module -plc based with hmi, past. Cream storage tank (cream ripening tank), cream pump with vfd for cream to butter section, past. Chilled water tank (insulated), past. Water transfer pump, cip return pump for cream buffer & storage tank, reconstitution tank -insulated and jacketed, turbo blender system, phe/the chiller(35-4'c), pipe in pipe filter, reconstituted milk storage tank, recirculation pump, bucket type duplex filter, flow plate, cip return pump for hmst, milk pouch form fill sealing machine (double head), overhead platform for packing machine with ladder for 2 machine, cip return balance tank, cip return pump for packing machine, weighing scales, weighing scales, ss-304 chute and collection trays, ss-304 cross over bridge, ss-304 cat walk platform, jaw cooling system for packing machine, to generate 18-20deg.c temp water, balance tank-with float, water circulation -pump, water chiller, interconnecting ss piping fitting, ss control panel with temp sensors, leaky pouch recovery system, ss inline filter, pouch recovery tank with chilling system, milk transfer pump, crate washer, crate conveyor system, includes-, crate tilting device, single tier empty crate conveyor, two tier conveyor, filled crate conveyor, ss roller conveyor, steam water mixing battery-wash points, crate trolley, continous butter making machine, cip return pump, butter milk balance tank, butter milk transfer pump, butter milk chiller(15-4'c), butter milk storage tank, butter milk transfer pump, butter cartoon packing table, butter milk dispatch hose, bulk acid storage tank, bulk lye storage tank, chemical unloading pump, chemical unloading hose, flakes dissolving tank, acid carboys loading tank, buffer tank for acid, buffer tank for lye, acid solution tank, lye solution tank, hot water tank, recuperation/rinse water tank, flush water tank, concentrated lye tank, concentrated acid tank, tubular heater (the), acid & lye dosing system, supply pump with vfd, steam valve manual, float type steam trap with bypass valve, pneumatic fitting with fr, nrv, duplex filter with valve, level sensor for cip tank, level sensor for dosing tank, dosing pump, temp transmitter, flow meter, conductivity meter, plc panel with hmi, cable tray and cabling, cip supply flow plate, ss interconnecting piping and fittings with supports, milk chilling plant with ibt, ammonia compressor (1w +1s),, motor for the above, ammonia receiver, oil separator, accumulator, shell and tube condenser, cooling tower for the above, condenser water pump, ice bank tank - 30ft*12*6ft, evaporator coils 11/4" ms c class, agitator, chilled water pump, refrigeration controls, ammonia valves, fittings., wooden covers on the ibt, water pipes and fittings, first charge of liquid ammonia, first charge of ref. Oil, insulation for chilled water lines, insulation for cw tank and liquid, with puff panel, with air handling unit, window, door, with ante lock room, ht sub sation -two pole/four pole structure, ht & lt panel, transformer, pcc panel, mcc panel for referisection, process section and other section, apfc panel, motor isolators box, remote control panel(rcp), earthing system, dg set with all the accessories, stebilizer and ups system, ht cable, lt power and lt control cable, instrument cable, cable trays & conduits, water softening plant with complete accessories, ro plant with complete accessories, ro water hydro flow system, raw water hydro flow system, soft water hydro flow system, water distribution pipe & fitting, air compressor, air receiver with accessories, air dryer, compressed air pipes & fittings, steam boiler, ph meter, tabl
Document Sale To : 30-10-2021 at 18:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Rajasthan - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Value : Rs. 210000000
Tender Closing Date : 30/10/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Dairy Products - Food Products   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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