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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37768818
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2020  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of condemned / surplus tugs sekkizhar & sundaranar and its spares,tug sekkizhar 32t bollard pull, tug sundaranar 32t bollard pull, spares at main stores of tugs, spares at sub store of tugs sekkizhar, gear for cam shaft(clock, metal for piston pinpart, connecting rod assy.part, bushing for l.o pumppart, shaft assy. for c.w pump, bolt & nut for cylinder h, spring for needle valve p, o" ring for f.o injection, seal ring for f.o injecti, round chord ringpart no.1, round chord ringpart no.4, o-ring (1260 x 5),, o-ring (248 x 5), shaft seal ring (adck 400, o-ring (8 x 2.5), 2, rotary shaft seal 4, bearing ring 140 x 125 x, articulated joint bearing, duse(2), duchse kpl, gear pump (voith model no, auxilary relay main engin, power relay part no.omron, service kit 1 part no.970, service kit 2 part no.970, service kit 3 part no. 97, nozzle ring part no.56001, turbine shaft part no.210, damping pad part no.81136, o ring 830 x 7, stud, bolt(cylinder head), o ring(1a) p30 24311-0003, nut,cylinder head cap bol, connecting pipe, cooling, o ring (4 d) p21, 24316-0, o ring (4 d) p24 24316-0, connecting piece, valve r, o ring, 152633-01810, o ring (1a) p9 2431, dry brush 31 x 15, 24550-, packing/gasket, head inle, exhaust valve, cr plating, valve seat suction, 1476, seat, exhaust valve, 147, o ring, 141616-11061, guide valve, 147673-11160, seal, valve stem, cotter, valve 27310, spring a, valve, 145610-1, spring b valve, 145610-11, guide, valve bridge, 1416, sleeve, nozzle, 147673-11, packing/gasket 1466, gasket, gasket/packing cover, v.rocker arm (suc) assy 1, driving plug 4 x 6, retainer(contact piece) p, adjusting screw 739, retainer, 138623-11350, nut m16, lock, 26772-1600, v.rocker arm (exh) assy p, rocker arm shaft assy., 1, retaining ring, c type 45, valve bridge assy/bridge, adjusting screw, bonnet comp, packing, bonnet, 147673-1, circlip 20, 22242-000200, head assy, cylinder, connecting pipe, cooling, o-ring (1a) p35, o-ring 4d p44, lock nut m14, gasket coppr, valve rotator assy/rotati, ball, v. rotator 27326-14, spring, v.rotator 27323-1, circlip, v.rotator, spring ,v.rotator, 27325-, valve, rod type, indicator cock, 746673-15, gasket 12, round, 23414-1, seat,push rod/tappet seat, push rod assy, compl, seat, upper/retainer, seat,lower/retainer, packing, expansion pipe joint, rubber ring, upper/packin, rubber ring,lower 1, gasket, cylinder head, 1, protection ring, 147673-0, main metal assy (std)- (l, parallel pin 6 x 12, packing, 147873-18630, zinc, anti corrisive, 272, gasket exh.manifold, gasket, piston, ring no. 3 piston, 147673, ring no.2, piston, 147673, ring compression oil, 147, ring no.1, piston, 147673, retaining ring, c type 90, connecting rod bolt/bolt, nut, lubricating oil pump assy, bush, 133970-32100, bush 16x12, dry, 24550-0, header, inlet side, header,outer side, o ring (ia) p-55, 24311-0, packing, oil pressure regulating v, spring valve, relief valve assy., gasket round, gasket, zinc, anti-corrosion 40 x, packing, filter element 1466, gasket, o-ring, body, o ring, 148616-35570, o-ring 1 a g:105.0, o-ring(1a) p11, impeller, o ring 220g, 24321-002200, oil seal, retaining ring, c type p., nut, washer 24 polished, mechanical,seal 148, o-ring 1a g40.0, shaft, 133614-42080, nut, 141616-42200, fuel inj.pump, spring plunger, plunger assy. 14767, deflector (protector) p.n, o-ring, delivery valve, 146673-51, spring, 146673-51331, thermometer 100, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, rpm meter (tachometer) p., o ring 4d g130, 24326-001, wire gauge,100 mesh/strai, packing, gasket, joint,high pressure, pipe, element, washer, packing, tdi stage 2 assy repair k, tdi o ring kit, tdi bearing/seal kit, tdi spool valve, tdi nozzle, valve, rh-10, tdi male elbow, 90 deg pa, tdi hose assembly part no, tdi elbow 90 deg part no., tdi split ring, tdi spring compression pa, tdi plate retainer part n, tdi shaft, turbine part n, tdi carrier/output shaft, tdi drive, pre-engaged, r, ring, 146673-77120, packing liner 01320, releif valvepart no.34010, rearing l.o pumppart no.16120, packing acooler part no.18791, packing liner part no.1330, o ring for cyl head bolt, 300, o ring for lo pump part no.750, o ring del.valve 24316-000440, o rin gfuel inj p/p pno.350, round chord ringp
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.56 Million / 15.60 Lakh
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 37622594
Closing Date 21 - Dec - 2019  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing assistance for monitoring electronics navigational equipment and liaisoning with vessels for various services and operations for a period of one year
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5.55 Lakh
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 37682103
Closing Date 18 - Dec - 2019  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing and fixing of water meter at cidco and jnpt tapping point in jnp township
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 37554868
Closing Date 17 - Dec - 2019  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Battery charger 10amps with output voltage selector switch 12/24dc to work on input 230volts ac supply with ac and dc voltmeter, ammeter, fuses, mcb’s etc. similar to model: pcbc 2410 of m/s. power house make.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 37626507
Closing Date 16 - Dec - 2019  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of physiotherapy equipment under buy back for jnpt hospital - Supply of Ultra sound unit, short wave diathermy unit, intergerential therapy unit.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 37690602
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2019  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Liquid waste management projects (implementation organization) in 24 habitations of kachhauna, kothawan and bahendar blocks.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 37692123
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2019  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Removal and inspection of navigational buoy no.3 from new anchorage and h steel buoy from jnpt channel.
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