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Sector Other Electrical Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 48312600
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2023  |  235 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of various items listed in bhel, castings,forgings,fitting, springs & components for clh/ vlh, , cast: aluminium, astm a 217 c12a cast ings, cast iron castings for windbox,, feeder, coal nozzles (sg iron castings up to, 850 kgs), castings for oil field equipments:, carbon, alloy and stainless steel, qcnrv cast ings, hemi spehrical dished ends ¿ grade 91, hemi spehrical dished ends ¿ al loy st eel, (upt o gr 22), die forgings for oil field equipments:, carbon, alloy and stainless steel, open forgings f91, f92, f92 forgings, closed die forged components, forged finned elbow, forged flanges, formed fittings: large - 12" and, above, forged finned elbows, formed fittings, socket welded forged fittings, open forgings - carbon, alloy and, stainless steel except sa 182 f91, inconal fittings, inconel forgings for valves, investment castings for connectors,, windbox - sa 351 gr ch 20, sa 351 ck, investment castings, castings: malleable iron, nickel based castings, non-ferrous castings for feeder: is, 617-4223, is 617-4450, is 305 gr ab1,, astm b 148 gr 9c, non ferrous castings (0.5 t o 200 kg), open forgings for oil field, equipments: carbon, alloy and, stainless steel, open forgings for hp bypass valves:, carbon and alloy steel, formed fi t t ings p91, f92 fi t t ings, steel castings, sg iron machined castings for coal, nozzles, split collar for wind box:, astm a 536 gr 654512, sg iron castings, close die forgings: carbon, alloy and, stainless steel, open forgings for valves, carbon steel,alloy steel and, stainless steel castings for valves, name plate - metallic, fasteners: hsfg bolts and nuts as per, tdc:5:211/ 01, precsn bolts, studs, screws and nuts, dip coat paint, thinner and special, additive, h.r. aluminium paints grade-i, h.r. aluminium paints grade-ii, conventional paints and thinners, epoxy based paints and thinners, special primer paints and thinners, seamles p91/ p92 pipes, alloy steel pipes: sa 335 p11, p12, p22 ;, od 88.9 t o 1016 mm, 6.02 t o 135 mm t hick, carbon steel pipes: sa106 gr b, c; od, 88.9 t o 1016 mm, 6.02 t o 135 mm t hick, pipes & tubes (welded stainless steel, erw / saw pipes : api 5l gr b, od 219.1, t o 1168 mm, 4 t o 14.3 mm t hick, erw black pipes: is 1239, nb 80 t o nb, 150, l ight , medium and heavy t hick, seamles p91/ p92 pipe, alloy steel pipes: sa 335 p11, p12, p22 ;, od 88.9 t o 1016 mm, 6.02 t o 135 mm t hick, carbon steel pipes: sa106 gr b, c; od, 88.9 t o 1016 mm, 6.02 t o 135 mm t hick, alloy steel rounds for valves:, 21crmov57, sa 193 b7, a322 gr 6150, sa, 193 b16, sa 182 f22 cl3, aisi 4140, aisi, 1040, : dia 22 mm t o 300 mm, brass sheets, 0.2 mm and 1.0 mm t hick, 17% gr. ss (othron steel) rods, astm, a182-f430, dia 25 mm t o 200 mm, special al loy st eel rods for hplp valves, loy st eel plat es t o grade sa387 gr91 cl 2, loy st eel rounds t o grade sa182 f91, stain l ess steel rods, dia 25 mm t o 250, mm of di f ferent specs including sa 182-, f304, sa 479-304, sa 182-f316, a276-410,, aisi 410, a582-416, a276-420, a565-616,, sa 564-630, a182 f6a cl3, 17-4 ph, special stainless steel rounds: x 19 cr, mo vn bn 111-6010 - dia 52mm, 56 mm, and 125 mm, alloy st eel rounds/ blooms, carbon steel plates boiler quality, (sa515 gr 70) - 5 mm, 6 mm, 63 mm t o, 100 mm t hick, carbon st eel rounds/ blooms, structural quality plates - bsen, 10025-3/ s420n, a36 - 75 mm t o 155 mm, t hick, structural quality plates - carbon, steel - is 2062 e250 gr a, b / is 513 osk, and dsk / is 1079 - 0.9 mm t o 63 mm t hick, corsn resi. steel sheets and plates -, astm a 588 gr a, cort en - a, jis 3125 - 2.5, mm t o 5.0 mm t hick, angle, channel , beams heavy sect ion (a, 130- 200 mm, b 400-600 mm and c 300 ?, 400 mm), angle, channel , beams l ight sect ion (a 40-, 65 mm, b 125-200 mm and c 75 100 mm), angle, channel , beams medium sect ion (, 75- 100 mm, b 250-350 mm and c 200 ?, 250 mm), paral lel flange beam/ u beam/ h beam, 150 mm t o 700 mm, carbon steel boiler quality rounds:, sa 105 - 20 mm t o 200 mm dia., carbon steel rounds: is 2062, is 1875, cl 4 - 8 mm t o 100 mm dia., stainless steel sheets and plates: sa, 240 tp 300, 400 series - 0.6 mm t o 50 mm, t hick, stainless steel rounds: sa 479 tp 300,, 400 series, sa 182f316 - 6mm t o 100 mm, dia., tmt bars dia 8 mm to 40 mm, weld st ud / ferrules, ifm gas ignitor, 0.25 kw heat capaci t y,, lengt h of igni t or-900 t o 1265mm, 110, v/ 240 v, ac, regulating duty electrical actuator, (for dampers), proximity switch, bdt/ tubular level gauges, electrical accessories for valves, fractional hp motor for soot, blowers, panels: plc based control system, cast aluminium junct ion box (non-f lame, proof ), compensating / extension cable, cable dressing materials, mpgfc cpu, brass cable gland and cable gland, adapter, gi perforated/ ladder type cable tray, cable tags, pvc insulated copper control cable, (frls), pvc insulat ed mul t ipai r inst rument at ion, cable (frls), frp junction box, flame scanner head assy (safe flame), flame scanner cable
Sector Other Electrical Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 48312600
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2023  |  235 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of various items listed in bhel, non - metallic end covers, drive belts pulleys for temperature, probe, o-rings and oil seals, aluminium sheet: plain / corrugated, air cylinder open/ close, retractor, assembly, special packing set for full bore, valves, limit switches for quick closing nrv, ring joint gasket (api), ul t rasonic digi t al thickness gauges wi t h, accessories, sintered bronze bush, soft iron gaskets and sealing rings, silencers for safety valves, swagelock fittings, coil springs for safety valves, coil springs for safety valves with, ibr tc, special tools for oil field equipments, anhydrous ammonia hose, agitator for waste ammonia dilution, system, ammonia injection skid, butterfly valves for dilution air and, ammonia injection system, dilution air fan & motor assembly, including filter, de dusting system, dosing tank & pumping system, dilution air heater (electrical), expansion bellows, emergency eye wash & safety shower, frp grating, hydraulic jack for scr cart, ammonia injection control valve, ammonia knife edge gate valve, anhydrous ammonia pump skid, dilution air heater (steam) &, accessories, spray nozzle for spraying, sealing rings, retainer rings, drive, screws, safety selector for tank relief valve, spray water-self regulating valve, fibre glass tadpole tape, ammonia trip valves (ball type,, manual, pneumatic & electrical), anhydrous ammonia truck unloading, skid, wind indicator, water level gauge rings and washers, excess flow valves & check valves, tungust on carbide bal ls, bearings, et c for, ofe (oi l field equipment ), spiral wound gaskets, oil supply unit for hp bypass system, teflon o-rings, packing rings etc., accumulator manifold, keys, pins, washers et c., valve diaphragm actuator, valves elec actuators, hydraul ic act uat ors & accessories, hydraulic power unit, proportional valve, valves special ( iq ) actuators, throttle device for hydraulic power, washers and circlips, coated abbrasives, adaptors, api gauges, te-abrasives polyt ap, hss circular saw, bi-metal band saw blades, te-boring, facing head, bta tools, carbide burrs, carbide tipped circular saw, disc slitting wheels, thread gauges, grinding wheels, shelf life grinding wheels, hss cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, hacksaw blades, high q carbide cutting tools, measurnig instruments, letter and number punchs, special cutters, spade drills, stellite turning inserts, spiral fluted tap, symmetrical carbide drills, threading taps, threading tools, tube expanders, wrenches, indexable carbide drills, vdi holders, zircon belts, alloy steel flats, carbon steel strips, tubes: erw black - is 1161 yst 240 and, bsen 10305, alloy steel tubes: sa 213, t11/ t12/ t22/ t23/ t91/ t92 - boiler, quality, carbon steel tubes: sa 210 gr c , sa210, gra1, sa192 - boiler quality, stainless steel tubes: sa 213 tp 347h /, tp316 / tp304h / s304h - boiler quality, alloy steel tubes t91, t92, fused saw flux for drum welding, fused saw flux for tube to fin, welding, gtaw wire for t92, er80s-b2 bulk pack gmaw wire, gmawwire ernicrfe-7a, gmaw wire er 70s - a1, saw flux - p91, saw flux for sa335p92, saw wire for sa335p92, weld:ss-overlay flux, f48p2-em12k submerged arc welding, flux for structural application, saw flux struct.weld, gtaw rod - t92 / p92, gtaw rod er309l, er 70s-a1 gtaw rod, er 80s-b2 gtaw rod, er 90s-b3 gtaw rod, gtaw rod tig er347, gtaw rod er90b9, er80s - d2 gtaw rod, gtaw rod super 304h, smaw electrode e7018-a1, smaw electrode e7018-1, e7018 smaw elect rode, flux cored wire e71t-1, flux cored wire e309t0-1, fcaw wire e309lmoto-1, flux cored wire e81t1-b2, flux cored wire e91t1-b3, bulkpack :e551t1-b2c, smaw electrodes enicrfe3, hayness alloy 21 (ha-21) filler rod, ercocr - a rod, hard facing powder type cocr - a, el-8 saw wire, saw wire eb3, wg:wire:saw er430, saw wire eb2, saw wire ea4, saw wire em12k, saw wire eb - 9, er 309 saw wire, er 347 saw wire, weldwi re saw em12k,
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49638459
Closing Date 12 - Sep - 2022  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of procurement of grinding wheel type no.1, plain to size: 150 x 25 x 15.88 mm etc. #*. grinding wheel type no.1, plain to size: 150 x 25 x 15.88 mm, specn. no. a 20 r5bl4 or a1554 bm-4 to is: 2324 (part-1)/1985.
Sector Printing Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 51920423
Closing Date 06 - Sep - 2022  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement for various mechanical hand/ machine cutting tools and consumables - h.s.s. taps m3 x 0.5, spme029427, h.s.s. taps m4 x 0.7, spme029428, hand tap set(metric thread), size-5*0.8, sptl004583, hand tap set(metric thread), size-6*1, sptl004584, hand tap set(metric thread), size-8*1.25, sptl004585, hand tap set, hss, m10 x 1.25, mm, spme036450, hand tap set(metric thread), size-10*1.5, sptl004586, hand tap set, hss, m12 x 1.5, mm, spme036448, hand tap set(metric thread), size-12*1.75, sptl004587, hand tool, tap set filter, m 14 x 1, sptl002003, h.s.s. taps m16 x 2, spme029446, hand tool, tap set filter, m 14x1.5, sptl002004, hand tap set(metric thread), size-14*2, sptl004588, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 1:3mm, spme032362, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 1:5mm, spme032363, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 1:6mm, spme032364, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 1:9mm, spme032366, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 2:5mm, spme032371, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 3:0mm, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 3:5mm, spme032376, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 3:2mm, spme032375, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 4:2mm, spme032379, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 4:0mm, spme032378, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 5:0mm, spme032382, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 6:0mm, spme032385, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 6:8mm, spme032388, hss drill 8.5 mm, sptl004601, hss drill 10.5 mm, sptl004605, hss straight shank drills ø 10.2, mm, spme029671, hss drill 13.0 mm, sptl004610, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 5:5mm, spme032384, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 6:5mm, spme032387, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 2:7mm, spme032372, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 3:7mm, spme032377, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 4:8mm, spme032381, hss drill 7.5 mm, sptl004599, hss drill 10.0 mm, sptl004604, hss drill 7.0 mm, sptl004598, hss drill 12.0 mm, sptl004608, hss drill 12.5 mm, sptl004609, taper reamer size: m4, spme035897, taper reamer size: m5, spme035898, taper reamer size: m6, spme035899, taper reamer size: m8, spme035900, taper reamer 3mm, sptl004620, taper reamer 10mm, sptl004621, taper reamer 12mm, sptl004622, allen keys, 2.5 mm, spme038918, allen keys, 3 mm, spme038919, allen keys, 4 mm, spme038920, allen keys, 8 mm, spme038923, long ball ended allen key, spme038917, handle allen key -2 mm, sptl004596, handle allen key -7mm, sptl004597, teflon tape, cmzz004027, sheet 1 mtr x 1 mtr x, mm thick, rmzz000372, sheet 1 mtr x 1 mtr x, mm thick, rmzz000373, rod dia 12 x 1000 mm, sphw003815, rod size-40 dia x 300mm, length, teflon rod size-50dia x 300mm, length, spme003097, teflon rod size-75 dia x 300mm, length, spme003098, rustoline spray, sptl004625, loctite retaining, compound no.609,50ml, spel025468, loctite no.242 (threadlocker), spme029376, bar,nylon round,100mmx300, mm(l), spme005944, rod, nylon, 25mmx300mm(l), spme005940, rod, nylon, 30 mmx 300 mm(l), spme005941, rod, nylon, 40mmx300mm(l), spme005939, rod, nylon, 75 mmx 300 mm(l), spme005943, sheet nylon, 300mm(l)x300(b)x10, spme005935, sheet nylon, 300mm(l)x300(b)x6, spme005934, emery paper, no. 1000, cmzz001690, emery paper, no. 240, cmzz001687, emery paper, no. 4/0, cmzz001691, emery paper, no. 600, cmzz001688, emery paper, no. 800, cmzz001689, solid carbide drills 3.0 mm, sptl004614, solid carbide drills 4.0 mm, sptl004615, solid carbide drills 5.0 mm, sptl004616, solid carbide drills 6.0 mm, sptl004617, center drills, bs-1, spme035901, center drills, bs-2, spme035902, center drills, bs-3, spme035903, center drills, bs-4, spme035904, bar, en8, dia 15mm, spme006176, bar, en8, dia 20mm, spme006177, bar, en8, dia 25mm, spme006191, bar, brass, dia 15mm, spme032647, bar, brass, dia 20mm, spme032648, taper shank end mill 2.0 mm, sptl004619, shake end mill, taper , 3 mm, spme036447, mechanical seal 18 mm, blade, high speed hacksaw blade, 400x32x1.6mm, spme035908, grinding wheel 250 x 31.75 x 25, rough, sptl004633, grinding wheel 250 x 31.75 x 25, smooth, sptl004634, open ended spanner set, sptl004635, hss drill extra long3.0 mm, sptl004636, needle file set, sptl004680, tcgx 16t308-al h10 carbide, insert, sptl005373, tcgx 3(2.5)2-al h10 carbide, insert, sptl005374, tcgt 16t 308 fn-27h10t, carbide insert, sptl005375, tcgt 3253 fn-27 112454, carbide insert, sptl005376, tnmg 160412 diamond insert, sptl005377, revolving center extra heavy duty, taper, sptl005378, die set for size-5*0.8, sptl004589, die set for size-6*1, sptl004590, die set for size-8*1.25, sptl004591, die set for size-10*1.5, sptl004592, die set for size-12*1.75, sptl004593, s/f mill cutter dia 4# x 4mmx25, mm, sptl004640, s/f millcutter dia 8# x 10 mm x25, mm, sptl004641, s/f millcutter dia 6# x 8 mmx25, mm, sptl004642, grinding wheel fine (uc) 200, 31.75x20, sptl004681, grinding wheel, coarse(uc)200x31.75x20, sptl004682, box spanner set, 4 to 14,, taparia, spel016582, rivet, spme032037, electrode, welding, e 6013),, 3.15x350mm, spme005949, hose pi
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 51966340
Closing Date 05 - Sep - 2022  |  28 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of light weight fiber reinforced flexible grinding disc #*. light weight fiber reinforced flexible grinding disc/wheel as perspecificaitonmentiooned in annexure "a" attached.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 51886997
Closing Date 02 - Sep - 2022  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of grinding rings & balls.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 51939265
Closing Date 02 - Sep - 2022  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Assistance for Preparation and Transferring Chemical Solutions. #*. Descaling and Intermittent Re-tubing of Condenser Tubes of Tpp and Cpp Turbines. #*. Procurement of Led Lights. #*. Amc and Operation of Air Conditioning Systems and Ventilation System. #*. Operation of Bpscl Trucks. #*. Upkeeping and Removal of Technological Waste From Ball/bowl Mills and Various Floors/ Platforms of Tpp, Cpp Unit39 Boller Areas and Grass/jungle Cutting Around the Plant. #*. Procurement of Grinding Rings and Balls.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 51751083
Closing Date 01 - Sep - 2022  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rail cutting wheel (abrasive disc) #*. rail cutting wheel (abrasive disc) specification no.- tm/sm/2 (second revision, july 2020)make m/s grindwell norton ltd, or simillar
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 22.78 Million approx. / 2.27 Crore approx.
Location Telangana Tenders Ref.No 51820318
Closing Date 01 - Sep - 2022  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Manufacture & Supply of 310MT of high chrome grinding media in different sizes required for KTPS-V stage, 2) Procurement of Certain stationery item.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 11.14 Million approx. / 1.11 Crore approx.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 51884361
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spares of limitorque make actuator or equivalent for 210 mw tps. #*. annual work contract for low pressure welding under the purview of turbine maintenance-l. #*. annual maintenance contract for ac plant at stage-i & il. #*. annual rate contract for work of repairs of electronic modules of various systems of 210 mw tps. #*. comprehensive maintenance contract for servicing and repairing of coal mill cranes unit-1 to unit-4 at tps. #*. annual work contract for the work of manual picking and discharge away the stones, iron pieces, oversized coal lumps, wooden logs and other extraneous material from running conveyor belts and allied works in chp-ii, 500 mw tps. #*. annual work contract for lifting and transportation of coal reject from boiler basement (500 mw) to reject yard (210 mw chp) tps. #*. annual contract for handling, stacking, transportation, unloading, unpacking and stacking of heavy material (20 mt to 30 mt) received at major store. #*. annual work contract for various works in esp, bottom ash, clinker Grinder discharge line during shot shutdown and running maintenance of unit- 1 to 4.
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